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News from our Outdoor Track

Following a meeting at the track today, we can now give you some more up to date news on how things are proceeding.

The good news is that the mains power will be in place before the next meeting on March 11th. The new cable is now in place and our electrician has certified the wiring in both cabins. We are just awaiting the certificate to pass on to the Council, so the system can be signed off prior to use. We have also had the new meter fitted, it will take £1 and £2 coins but will be overridden on race days.

The graphic below shows the proposed position for the new security fence, please note this is NOT to scale. We will have a pedestrian entrance to the track and in addition there will be a service vehicle access gate for the bin and toilet to be emptied.

PLEASE NOTE: The Council, will Shortly be erecting signs to say that the is carpark is for permit holders only. This will be for Monday to Friday. We understand that the carpark will be free on Saturday and Sunday. If you park on the carpark on a week day without a permit you will receive a parking fine! Should we need to have any work done at the track on a weekday we will need to apply in advance for a one-day permit.

We know that this is a change to what we have been used to but PLEASE UNDERSTAND. If you receive a parking fine, then this is between you and the Council, it is NOTHING to do with Stafford RCMCC.   

You will be able to buy a permit, but we understand that this would cost you in the region of £30.00 per month should you want to use the track on a weekday!!

Stafford Borough Council have supported us in many ways, they have and are doing everything promised. We must remember that they purchased the land from G.E. as they needed it for parking in the week. They have gone out of their way to help us with such things as laying 350mtrs of heavy power cable and putting up a security fence all at no cost to the club, in addition they are allowing us to use the parking area at weekends for free! We know we are very fortunate to have their help.