Stafford 2022 Summer Series

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We are delighted to announce that this series is supported by MB Models and Schumacher Racing


All meetings subject to any Government/Association guidance, controls that are beyond our control

Rd 1  3rd April
Rd 2  15th May - (BRCA FWD National warm up weekend.)
Rd 3  19th June - (BRCA 4WD National warm up weekend.)
Rd 4  31st July
Rd 5  14th August
Rd 6  11th September 

Classic (Iconic) As per Stafford rules

Modified as per BRCA Rules.

17.5 & 21.5 Blinky as per the BRCA Rules  (21.5 class is Subject to numbers)

13,5 Blinky as per BRCA Rules.

Frontie F1 - Running to Hobbywing ESC & 17.5 BRCA Spec as per BRCA Rules.

Frontie F2 - Running open ESC & 17.5 BRCA Approved Motor.

Formula 1 as per BRCA Rules.

For full information sheet on this series click HERE