Formula One Documents

Formula 1 tyre announcement The Formula 1 class will see some stability in the rules for the first time in many seasons.

21.5t motors.
The control tyre remains unchanged for 2022 with Sweep Racing.
Slicks SW-F21F-MXPG-BRCA F21 Medium Soft Front - £17.99 RRP
SW-F21R-SAPG-BRCA F21 Soft Asphalt Rear - £18.99 RRP
Wets SW-F1FV5G-MPG-BRCA Front V5 Pre-Glued Grooved Tyres Med - £14.99 RRP
SW-F1RV5G-28RPG-BRCA Rear V5 Pre-Glued Grooved Tyres - £15.99 RRP

As per previous seasons 1 set of slicks and 1 set of wets are allowed on race day.